Caustinck and Causnordick
Species: Melting Pokémon
Type: Steel/Poison
Ability: Adaptablitiy
Creator: Anonymous
Original Scribble:


Often blending in with confectionary items, it lashes out and attacks others who mistake it for such. Apparently it also tastes bad.

Caustinck and Clausnordick come from a thread on /vp/ where an Anon asked people to identify a cupcake in a picture they had found. The cupcake appeared to be a messed up looking Rhyhorn or Rhydon, but /vp/ believed it to be a different Pokemon.

Causnordick was drawn shortly after the thread had reached a large amount of replies. Generally the look of both of them are the same as their sprite appearances, but they are also often drawn with tentacles on them, giving them a more jellyfish-esque appearance. According to the thread, the moves upon level up are as follows:

Start Acid
Start Peck
Start Gastro Acid
Level 4 Smog
Level 10 Harden
Level 16 Metal Claw
Level 17 Fagwhip
Level 22 Sludge
Level 26 Stockpile
Level 26 Spit Up
Level 30 Magnet Bomb
Level 36 Sludge Bomb
Level 41 Dig
Level 46 Spider Web
Level 51 Grudge
Level 51 Memento
Level 58 Explosion
Level 69 Gunk Shot
Level 71 Hyper Beam

Additional images: