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Species: Prick Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Steel
Ability: Stuck
Creator: Anonymous
Original Scribble:
Tumblr lyosudcD4U1r4fzyk

Dex Entry

From afar they look like ordinary gumball machines. When approached, they lurk and wait for some unsuspecting child to place their hard earned money inside and take off.

Gumblebomber are mischevious, but quiet Pokemon. It is said they have an affinity for shiny things, and thrive off the sounds of wailing and crying children.

Gumblebomber was created in a thread in which an Anon posted about talking to his friend about Gen 5. The friend replied that they liked "magmaar, pikachu, onix gumblebomber, electa-". And thus, all of /vp/ came together to draw up their ideas of Gumblebomber. The red creature attached to a pole is the more commonly used image of it.

According to the info sheet made by /vp/, the moveset for Gumblebomber is:

Start Payday
Start Double Slap
Start Thief
Level 3 Tickle
Level 7 Hex
Level 13 Magnet Bomb
Level 18 Focus Energy
Level 24 Grudge
Level 30 Metal Sound
Level 36 Shadow Ball
Level 47 Sticky Situation
Level 50 Explosion
Level 53 Shadow Punch
Level 62 Dark Pulse
Level 70 Overheat

Additional images: