Species: LongTailed Pokémon
Type: Fire
Ability: Overheat
Creator: A 10 year old named Isadore
Original Scribble:
Cry: [1]

Dex Entry:

This is Orkinite. Orkinite is red. His eyes are blue and his ears are gray. When its fire dies out, it means he's sick. An Orkinite is not found in nature. If you want an Orkinite, you have to get the Pokemon that evolves into Orkinite. The Pokémon that evolves into Orkinite is Iken.Edit

Orkinite hails from a website created in the late 90's of a Hawaiian elementary school class and their everlasting love of the Pokemon fandom. The poor drawings of Pokemon and their creativeness towards their fakémon won the hearts of many lurkers and posters on /vp/.

Of the many Fakémon created by this class, Orkinite is arguably the most popular.

The original thread can be viewed here:

Additional images:

  • A picture of the creator, Isadore.