Species: Pillow Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Comfortable
Creator: Anonymous
Original Scribble:

Dex Entry

Its fur is so soft that anyone who touches it will want to rest on it. Women usually let Somnignon sleep on their shoulder.Edit

Somnignon (Somne, light sleep - Mignon, cute) was a Pokemon created during the period before X and Y were released. It was based off of a white mink. It appeard to be the staple early route rodent in the games, until it was proven fake. One screenshot showed it in Pokemon Amie, which piqued the interest of many anons on /vp/, who thought it would be very comfy to play with.

The /vp/ community still wishes it was in the game after it was proven fake, mostly due to wanting to play with it in Amie.

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